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Before PledgeDriver, these stations managed their drive messaging with 3-ring binders, recipe cards, or just opened the mic. But that offered no control over what the talent said and when. They are working smarter - not harder - now.

"I am a huge fan/advocate of PledgeDriver. Using it has made a tremendous difference in the sound of the drives here at WHQR. A few people were hesitant of extensive scripting during our on-air campaigns, but the staff has realized what an effective tool it is. We have also received some fantastic feedback from listeners and members, mentioning how much better the drives sound. Some new members mentioned they have recently given because we were now talk to them and not at them."

- Bryan Talbott, Broadcast and Digital Marketing Producer, WHQR

"PledgeDriver is a game changer. It's made all the difference in the sound of our pledge drives. Staff and audience all say so."

- Roger Sarow, President and General Manager, WFAE/Charlotte NC

"We realize that on-air fundraising is one of the most important things we do, and PledgeDriver helps us turn that into good programming."

- Dave Palmater, Host, WUMB/Boston MA

"Roger Gomoll helped us be clear, concise, and listener-focused with our on-air drive messaging. As a result, we raised as much as we ever have before in a lot fewer days."

- Jeff Ramirez, VP for Radio, KERA/Dallas TX

"I can't imagine trying to organize scripts for a drive without PledgeDriver. It has gone from being a nice aid to an essential tool. Another reason I like PledgeDriver: the support that comes with it. We get more than just good software."

- Heather Miller, Member Relations Manager, WILL

"PledgeDriver has enabled us to produce drives with, unfortunately, less staff and not get burned out. Our staff is so comfortable with the scripts and trust the scripts to deliver the message consistently - more consistently than they can after 60 hours behind the mic."

- Jill McGuire, Assistant General Manager, Public Radio East 

"There's no doubt about it, fundraising is programming and all our programming needs to sound good to our discriminating audiences. PledgeDriver is a tool that can help refine and focus our on-air messages for a more consistent professional sound. Especially for stations with limited on-air staffs, good scripting can help equalize the quality gap between 'regular talent' and those who are on the air only once or twice a year."

–  John E. Hingsbergen, Assistant General Manager, WEKU

"A tool like PledgeDriver is a huge help for our small shop, where one or two people plan, produce (and largely) pitch the entire drive. Being able to rotate and weight messages to fit our strategy, rather than using a particular pitcher's "favorite" scripts, keeps the sound of our drives fresh. Our breaks are shorter and more focused, and we've dropped our drive length from seven to five days! PledgeDriver support is unmatched. Liz and Roger are like extended members of our staff, doing whatever it takes to make the program more effective and easier to use."

 – Dennis Green, General Manager, KCCK

"Having PledgeDriver really helps keep our messages organized, and even though some of our staff groan about using scripts, we sound better and stay focused with less wandering off the intended point."

- Heather Miller, Member Relations Manager, WILL

"PledgeDriver simplifies our drive preparation significantly. We can easily see which messages occur at what time, so they are rotated among different hours of the fund drive.  The responsiveness of Roger and his team to meet our unique requirements is unsurpassed.  He truly backs up his product with immediate, personal service."

– Anne Todd, Membership Services Manager, WRTI

"PledgeDriver helps KVCR bring to its on-air fundraising the same values the listener expects from our news and information programming. It helps us craft appeals that are concise and listener-focused. The days of meandering 'open mike' fundraising are a thing of the past at KVCR, thanks in large part to PledgeDriver. It gives us the tools we need to make our on-air case effectively and efficiently."

– Duncan Lively, General Manager, KVCR

"Fantastic results. Ended almost a full day early and over a very ambitious goal.  How much of it had to do with PledgeDriver is hard to say...but I have to think quite a bit.  Staff embraced PledgeDriver from the very first break.  Thanks!"

– Pat Peterson, Membership Director, WGLT

"Roger Gomoll understands the tumultuous nature of pledge drives from the planning stages all the way through to the thank you letters. He can answer any question you have. But Roger was more than just a consultant. During the drive he became a dedicated and integral member of our fundraising team. His advice played a key role in the success of our first three-day drive. We couldn't have done it without Roger and the PledgeDriver team!

- Jacob Breeden, Director of Membership, High Plains Public Radio

"Working with Roger Gomoll on our pledge drive was a very rewarding experience. Roger is a great coach; his analysis gave encouragement to our on-air staff, and also helped us in the areas where we needed improvement. Our pledge drives have become more focused, and we're doing a much better job of telling our story, thanks to Roger."

- Michele Jansen, Station Manager, KBEM/Minneapolis MN

KBEM, Minneapolis MN
KCBX, San Luis Obispo CA
KCCK, Cedar Rapids IA
KCUR, Kansas City MO
KEDM, Monroe LS
KETR, Commerce TX
KUVO, Denver CO
Prairie Public, North Dakota
Public Radio East, New Bern NC
St Louis Public Radio, St Louis
WDAV, Davidson NC
WEKU, Richmond KY

WDET, Detroit MI

WFUV, Bronx NY
WGLT, Normal IL

WHQR, Wilmington NC

Wisconsin Public Radio

WOSU, Columbus OH

WSIU, Carbondale IL

WUMB, Boston MA

Wyoming Public Radio

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